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Shattered Nine: A Sci-fi Thriller

Secrets kill. Perfection destroys.

Near Halti Fell, Northern Finland, the last of humanity has survived four hundred years in a series of crumbling habitats built to last fifty. Outside, the Earth is an irradiated wasteland of sand and desolate cities known as the scour. In the scour, nothing survives.


Chief Investigator Linus Halla is tired of violence and death in cramped, rusted boxes. After twenty years on the job, he’s ready to pass the title onto his last remaining deputy. Ivan Finn is young, passionate, and opinionated. With less than a year of experience, Ivan thinks he’s ready for anything.


When a six-year-old boy is rescued from the scour, Linus is forced to reopen the horrific case that nearly destroyed him a decade before. Who is this boy? How did he survive? And why would someone want to murder a child? Searching for answers, Linus and Ivan must navigate the habitats’ deep, overcrowded corridors, expose secrets and lies, face a ruthless enemy, and confront a dying society segregated by eugenics and technology, made savage by prejudice and time.


What they discover will shatter their rusted, little world forever.

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